Game Night

Game night at John and Caitlin's.

New Games Have Arrived

Let the shrink-wrap teasing begin.


Scythe just arrived, and it's got great reviews. Check out the description and instructions over at Board Game Geek.

Synopsis: You play a fallen leader in an alternate-history, conquering territory, enlisting recruits, building things, and activating enormous Mechs.

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars also has description and instructions on Board Game Geek.

Synopsis: You play a corporation that is "cooperating" with others to Terraform Mars, but your win (Victory Points) is based on not just your contribution to the project, but advancing human infrastructure in the solar system.

To do stuff, you need cards. And [in-game] card "buying" is costly, so the trade-off is to buy or play them. Your income is based on your Terraform Rating, and is supplemented by your production.

When the terraforming is complete, the game ends.