The photos on this website were taken at Great Country Farms.

Photos are usually taken on weekends. During a typical day of shooting, we often end up with one to four thousand photographs.

As you can imagine, processing a quantity this large can take a while, so pictures are not necessarily available immediately.

The primary purpose of this site is to assist the Great Country Farm staff and their webmaster in the process of picking up the photos for their website.

To do this, we attempt to cull the number of photos down to a few hundred, selecting those that are the best of the best as well as ones that convey the weekend theme.

Consequently, not every photo taken is available on the Great Country Farm website.

A number of members have expressed interest in obtaining copies of photos that were not published. We try to keep the unused photos here.

Unfortunately, not all photos turn out. Children blink, distracting objects are in the background, sometimes things are annoyingly out of focus, maybe there wasn't enough light. When this happens, in order to conserve space, we delete the unusable photos.