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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you do weddings?
A. The day of the wedding... usually, not.

Wedding Portraits Wedding photography is a speciality nitch, and the high price tag associated with it revolves around the extra redundancy required to get shots that only happen once. As these are honestly once in a lifetime memories, having a specialist expertly capture your day is the best advice we can give.

Ah... you said 'usually'

True, there have been rare exceptions.

Q. Are there non-wedding wedding photos I don't know about?
A. Perhaps you were admiring some of our wedding photos and would like something similar to remember your special day.

Our photography services is primarily portrait work, involving studio and location photography.

So, if you'd like photos taken before or after the wedding day, that is an option.

We do proposals, announcements, engagements, and pre-ceremony wedding dress shoots.

We also do post-wedding memories and even trash-the-dress shoots. These can be a lot of fun and very fantasy-like.

By moving outside the time constraints of the actual day, and move beyond the confines of poorly illuminated settings and inclement weather, this lets us help you get the perfect memory in a stress-free environment, capturing the romance and tenderness a couple desires to preserve in photos.

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Want to model?

If you have an interesting concept that you'd like to pursue, send it to us. We may pick you and offer a TFP shoot.
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