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Because sometimes you just want a nice photo of yourself...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you find models?
A. We first consider the models we've previously enjoyed working with.

Model Pose For fresh faces, we actually scout for them. Should someone associated with the studio notice someone who's outgoing, photogenic, and would be a good candidate for modeling, we approach them with an offer of a test shoot.

We also scope out modeling profiles online with the major modeling sites: Model Mayhem, Miss Online, ModelURL, Model OverDrive, and ModelHour.

Turns out, you can turn the tide in your favor.

  1. If you see us shooting come up and talk to us; express your interest in modeling.

  2. Set up a modeling account on one of the sites above and post a few pictures.

  3. Read this article on improving your chances of getting discovered through your online portfoio.

  4. Avoid these seven common portfolio problems, which convey unprofessionalism.

Got a Code?

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Want to model?

If you have an interesting concept that you'd like to pursue, send it to us. We may pick you and offer a TFP shoot.
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