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TFP / TFCD - Explained

Commonly called "Time For Prints" refers to an exchange of services. Literally the model's time is traded for prints, portfolio, or media such as a CD or DVD with the session photos on it.

No money trades hands. The models receives no fee; the photographer receives no fee.

The photos are high quality and will most likely at a minimum be used by the studio as samples and promotional materials.

This arrangement works out well for both the model and the photographer, as the common objective is to produce the best photographic work possible of the model.
The model signs a release, specifying the compensation is the media.

While the model and photographer may agree to certain kinds of uses, the model does not have unlimited rights to the photographs. Although copyrighted by the photographer, permission is granted to use them for personal purposes and self-promotion, they may not be sold or relicensed by the model.

When prints are offered, they are not unlimited; anything beyond an agreed upon amount will be the responsibility of the model.

Models committing to TFP are expected to show, as the photographer has committed time and resources to the shoot.

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