Walt's Photography

Because sometimes you just want a nice photo of yourself...

Want to expand your portfolio?

MariahAImpress us with a unique idea, get a TFP shoot.

The studio is willing to shoot TFP/CD for models, including those just starting out with no experience, if they have an interesting idea for a photo shoot to bring to the table.

Email TFPshoot@wwco.com with your concept and a photo of yourself.

A photographer will then get in contact with you.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

TFP sessions are limited to schedule availability.

Not all ideas or models will be accepted. Concepts must be intriguing and provide a mutual benefit for both the model and the photographer's portfolio in order to qualify.

Receipt of your email does not constitute an agreement to do a TFP shoot.

Got a Code?

Did someone hand you a card or coin with a code on the back?

Enter that code here:

Want to model?

If you have an interesting concept that you'd like to pursue, send it to us. We may pick you and offer a TFP shoot.
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