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Walt-O-Matic Podcast FAQ

Here's where I answer your mail! What would you like to know?

What is the Walt-O-Matic?

The Walt-O-Matic is a technology and humor dumping ground from the mind of Walt Stoneburner.

Are you still making videos?

Yes! Do not let the dates on the videos fool you; they are near meaningless. We have a lot of footage that we simply haven't been able to make available before. There are at least two new filming projects actively in the works as of April 2006.

Why are some episodes labeled explicit?

These are marked because some people might take offense to brief cartoon nudity, holy wars, mixing deadly substances, and toilet humor. For some reason, directly subscribing to the feed marks the episodes correctly. Apple's iTune store has, for some unknown reason, marks everything as explicit.

Who is Uncle Danny, and why is he addressing Alex?

That is Danny Adams. He moved to Northern Virginia for a short time, and while up here wanted videos to send back to his neice, Alex, so she'd remember his face and voice. I used to film his video letters, but once he started letting me direct, things got out of control.

Did Uncle Danny Really Mix Those Chemicals?

Uncle Danny is alive and quite well, which would mean no, he did not. While those were the real containers, filled with the real substances, they never, ever came in contact with one another nor were opened at the same time.

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