Walt's Videos

  • Christmas Card
    A search for the last tissue.
    (MOV 3.7Meg)

    Director's Notes:
    This is the video that started it all. One Christmas I was extremely sick with a severe sinus infection that almost sent me to the hospital. Unable to sleep, my wife gave me a present early: a VHS camcorder.

    This video was shot at 3:AM using nothing but the stop and start button and an assortment of magic illusions. By using the infrared remote, I was both in the movie and controlling the camera.

  • Madison: So Kiss Me
    Childhood moments.
    (MOV 40Meg)

  • Madison: Growing Up
    From baby to little girl.
    (MOV 25.6Meg)

Alex Videos
  • Plastomagnetism.
    Magnetizing non-metals.
    (MPG 44Meg)

  • Salt and Papper
    Mixing kitchen chemicals.
    (MPG 43Meg)

  • Lemon Perfume
    Mixing toxic kitchen chemicals.
    (MPG 11Meg)

  • Magnification
    Destruction using optics.
    (MOV 12.Meg)

Goofing Off
  • Jean Break
    Kids try to watch a violent movie, but are plagued by the rude antics of a very familiar house guest.
    (MOV 808K Modem) • (MOV 13.8Meg DSL) • (MOV 14.9Meg Large Screen)

  • Gun Fire
    A toy gun gets its owner in trouble.
    (MOV 32.7Meg)

That Isn't On, Is It?
Cutting Room Floor
  • SuperBaby Blooper Reel
    The video was never made. Madison was too distracted to play along. Here's what went wrong.
    (MOV 606K)

  • Uncle Danny Intro
    Preview of Uncle Danny's "Alex Videos."
    (MPG 5Meg)

Special Effect Tests
  • Interdimensional Portal
    Uncle Danny leaves our universe.
    (MOV 836k)

  • Ashburn
    Time lapse storm front.
    (MOV 5.4Meg)

  • X-Ray Vision
    A laser burns a hole in a hand.
    (MOV 8.3Meg)

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