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Welcome to Emís Home Page. Hint: If text looks like it's a link on this site, it probably is.

Photos from the Weed-Baisch wedding are available on its page. Other photos (mostly of Cora) are available in the album. Various items of Em's handiwork can be seen in the workshop, including drawings. The other links across the bottom of the page should be fairly self-explanatory.

To contact Em, email her at erw @ wwco.com (but take the spaces out first). Her Yahoo Messenger ID is emily_weed. She intermittently maintains an online journal under her usual net handle of Jacylrin.

For those who are interested, Emily Baisch is 5'7", has auburn hair and brown eyes (the darker stripe only on the left one).

For those who like things a little warped, the Baisches discovered the South Park Character Creater (De found it first, but Em played with it more). We had entertaining results. We have your basic South Park versions of De, Em, and Cora. Then Em edited hers and Cora's a little in Paint to fix the hair, resulting in more accurate versions of Em and Cora. Enjoy.

Merry meet.

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