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Japanese Steakhouse: “I could do that myself!”

Ever wonder what would happen if you had the chance to be like one of those Chefs in a Japanese Steakhouse, with the flying knives and bottles of flammable liquids? Well I’ve got a good idea now… Continue reading

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Status Off-Line: Co-worker Panics

While I knew I had a strong online presence, I didn’t know how tightly bound I was to it. I accidentally went off-line, and the blackout raised concern for my personal well-being. Read more… Continue reading

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Vista DeFrag Sucks

Vista’s Disk Defrag leave a lot to be desired. Here’s how to you can defrag your disk for sure. Continue reading

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Overcoming Writer’s Block

Recently I discovered that one of my favorite authors put out a book on writing, called Weinberg on Writing: the Field Stone Method. Well, on a lark, I decided to purchase the book from Amazon, and I have to say, … Continue reading

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Apparently, I Like My Women Dressed

This morning as I was leaving the house to go to work, I gave the wife a hug and a kiss goodbye. And let me tell you, she smelled awesome. So, I stuck around an extra minute. “You smell fantastic! … Continue reading

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Hibernate: Duplicate Mapping and Imports

<GEEK BLOG ENTRY> I ran into a very frustrating problem this evening, causing me to stay much later than I had intended, and to miss out on some fun socializing event that I was looking forward to. Unfortunately, there was … Continue reading

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iPhone: American Express Came Through!

The nay sayers said it wouldn’t happen, but American Express came through. And stunningly so. That’s right, I got a refund on my iPhone. And you should see how clever American Express was about it. Continue reading

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The Best Photography Books Ever on Light

Without exception, two books leap to the front of my personal library when it comes to Photography. Light: Science & MagicCrime Scene Photography Photo by Walt StoneburnerMost photography books explain general principles of photography, how the camera works, and, if … Continue reading

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A First Grade Observation

I’ve wasted my life, and it took a six year old to provide the intervention. Continue reading

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Warning: iPhone AMEX refund isn’t dead yet

There was a blip of people who got AMEX to refund the difference, but that bubble is over. Or is it? I just got off the phone with AMEX and… Continue reading

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