Walt Stoneburner
Open Source Contributions


    I used to maintain DuhDraw, written by Ben Fowler. On 15-Jun-2004, I decided to hand off maintainership to Pekka Enberg in order to persue other projects.

    DuhDraw is a Linux based Open Source clone of TheDRAW, a DOS based ASCII art editor.


    VMS-Empire is the C port of the original solitare game which is the ancestor of all multiplayer Empire games. It was written by Chuck Simmons, modified by Michael Self and James T. Jordan, and given a few tweaks by Eric S. Raymond.

    I submitted a patch to Eric Raymond on 10-Apr-2002 (it was accepted and merged into the source) which resolves all GCC v3.0.3 compiler errors and warnings in both debug and release modes. It was tested on Slackware 8.0. This brings VMS-Empire up to version 1.3. It has since been updated.

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