Bennett Joesph Gauvin's first Christmas.

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        The first time I saw Bennett, he looked like this.  The next time I heard news of Bennett, he was celebrating his birthday, and was 6lbs 13oz and 19.5" tall.  But, the first time I laid eyes on him was at the baggage claim area of Denver's airport.  He'd changed a lot since his first photo.  His dad, Jeff, drove us to Fuddrucker's, where we had a nice meal after being on the plane.
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                Later that evening, Coralyn and Jeff took us out to find somewhere to eat.  After a closed place and a place that was too smokey, we settled on Red, Hot, and Blues.

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                      Bennett was up for more fun, so we went to Borders, where we picked up a copy of Firefly, as BestBuy was continually out of stock.  We swung through their coffee area and got hot chocolates.

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                              And the next day, Jeff and I drove around town.  I was picking out Christmas gifts for Tamara, who would of had to pack her own gifts for the flight.

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                                      Later on, Jeff hiked up a mountain and cut down a Christmas tree.  That evening, Mike Wise, a friend from high school, came over with his lovely wife Lara.

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                                              Lara turned the Gauvin's cat, Rusty, into a pile of goo.  We all sat by the wood stove fire and played several rounds of Fluxx, by Looney Labs.

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                                                      Then, for preparations for Christmas dinner, we went toured the town again and went shopping for dinner supplies.  I was amazed at how many hot peppers they had at the store, as if it was mistletoe.  Tamara helped pick out a bunch of yummy stuff.

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                                                              While Bennett slept, I looked at lobsters.  I named this one Pinchy.  Eventually, we had to wake Bennett so we could go get some Fondue as a Christmas Eve dinner.  We had cheese and chocolate fondue.  It was wonderful.

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                                                                      Right outside, Santa was sitting in the historic town square, supported by local fire fighters, and was taking last minute requests.  After Christmas, Mike came back and picked us up for a stay at his house.  Along the way, several deer ran out in front of us.  The next day we got up at 5am and flew back home to Ashburn.