Bonfire V: Global Warming

Bonfire Photos taken 25-Feb-2006
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The bonfire pile, a dry mini tower of wood, an airgap, and a hard outer shell of wet wood.
Unloading trucks of wood to augment the pile.
Marcus, Tamara, Christy, Ellen, Mike, and John enjoy lunch on the deck while shooting potatos into the sky with a potato cannon.
John loads the potato cannon with hairspray.
Tracey watches as John shoots the unlit pile, Tamara and Walt listen to the splat sound.
Tamara and Walt relax with pockets full of scarfs, gloves, and hats.
The pile slowly grows.
The pile reaches towering heights.
Long trees are added.
Walt, Tamara, Marcus, Tracey, and Ellen hang on the deck.
The open field and distant woods, where much of the bonfire materials come from. It's a long haul requiring 4x4s and footwork.
The pile is huge, even far, far away from the house it looks big.
Tracey and Alex admire the handiwork.
Alex waits for the burn to commence.
Tamara gets ready for the burn.
Marcus laughs as we take dozens of photos of him in an instant.
Christy tries to get more people on a sugar high with her three layer chocolate cake.
One last look at the bonfire. Final cleanup to happen.
Last minute branches added.
Tamara starts heading out to the pile.

Walt Stoneburner and Alex Griffin