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What is this site?

This section of the site was originally set up as a resource for a private discussion group. Over the course of time, the group disbanded, but the resources remained up for archival purposes. Then, a few years ago, this portion of the site was removed due to lack of use in order to free up hard drive space.

We were unaware until recently that a number of external sites utilized the information here. To make matters worse, web standards have greatly progressed in the last decade. Now that space is cheap, we are going through our archives and are attempting to restore the most demanded content.


The content on this site may be deemed by some to be controversial or even offensive. While that is certainly not the intent, people sometimes see conflict when their beliefs are challenged or their point of view is not shared.

If you are such a person who takes offense, feels compeled to respond to static pages, or are inclined to be abrasive in any form, this content is not for you — please leave now.

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