Is Christianity Based on a Illogical Premises?

As with most non-believers, Christianity seems to be a illogical blind-faith leap into ignorance, based on the poor premise that:

This argument is both weak and circular for a non-believer.

Someone who professes to be a Christian should have a far more sound reason for their choice.

  1. It should be documented with historical proof,
  2. be statistically sound,
  3. fit into the known universe as we know it,
  4. align with the confirmed findings of scientists,
  5. and take the Word of God, and all the supposed 'discrepencies' within it,
  6. while making all the pieces come together in a single unified picture
  7. of why things are the way they are,
  8. telling what we can do about them,
  9. and provide hope through details of things yet to come.

This document attempts to do just that -- from the ground up. The anticipated reader is expected to be a logical, educated, open-minded atheist. Feedback is certainly welcome. Believers should also enjoy the content contained herein, finding new information they weren't aware existed.

If you take this document, and a Bible, in hand... along with what is happening out there in the real world as documented by history, you have enough tools to draw your own accurate conclusions.

Proof, Not Pushing

This document's sole purpose is to explore and record thought provoking ideas. Readers wanting to contribute to this forum are welcomed to send comments and feedback.

Note: This text is extensively hypertexted forward, backwards, and to other documents. To make the best use of this document, read it linearly by following the Next: links at the bottom of each page. Biblical passages, links to other reading materials, online sources of information are provided for verification and assistance. Some links will hop substancially forward in the document. Be sure you haven't missed the intermediate material.
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