The USA Made A Sunday-Law?!?

In 1893 the United States Congress and the Supreme Court, delcaring our country to be "a Christian Nation," passed the orders that the World's Fair was to be C L O S E D O N S U N D A Y S ...

The Internation Religious Liberty Association of the General Conference Of The Severth-Day Adventist Church published a 21-page brochure which sited the fact that: It Is Improper For Our Government To Legislate Public Behavior In Regard To "Religious" Matters... .. It's called "Separation Of Church And State"

See, if people didn't want to attend the World's Fair on "Sunday," they could stay home! But by passing a Law to Stop All From Attending, that's getting very close to Legislating Religion.

Remember how law works, if you give someone the right to prevent you from doing something you are giving them jurisdiction of that matter. A reversal could come about enforcing you to do something. A good cited example is to create a law to "prevent abortions". While you may or not agree with abortion issues, handing that right to the government also gives them the right in the future to insit that an aborton be had. Our law system isn't perfect.

The Adventists outlines their belief in worshiping the Lord on His Saturday Sabbath Day, via "free will," and the Catholic Mirror wrote their articles to VERIFY that "Saturday" is the Bible Sabbath Day.

The Catholic Mirror was the official organ of Cardinal Gibbons and the Papacy in America. A 32-page pamphlet called Rome's Challenge reprints four editorials back in September 2, 9, 16, and 23 of 1893.

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