What Was Nailed To The Cross?

Colossians 2:14-16 tells us that the Handwriting of Ordances was "taken out of the way," that it was Nailed To The Cross, and that we should "Let No Man Therefore Judge You In Meat, Or In Drink, Or In Respect Of An Holy Day, Or Of The New Moon, Or Of The Things To Come..."

Christians who endorse Sunday worship say that this is the Proof Text in which God negated the holy weekly Sabbath...

...But this intepretation is T O T A L L Y I N C O R R E C T... -----------------

The Law of Ordinances that was Nailed To The Cross was THE CEREMONIAL LAW. The "shadowy" YEARLY Sabbaths that were described in Leviticus 23:4-44. These Sabbaths pointed to the death of Christ and these ceremonies were to have no further meaning beyond the cross, and this was why Paul said they were contray to the Cristian!

The Veil in the Temple was torn in half from top to bottom when Christ died on the Cross (Matt 27:51), and this indicated the end of the ordinances requiring animal sacrifics! Ephesians 2:15 clearly states that Christ abolished "the Law of Commadnments Contained in ORDINANCES."

Observe that the Ten Commandments were NEVER-EVER called "ordinances."

( For your information, the 'unexplained' tearing of the veil, a curtain several INCHES thick, was passed off with them repairing the curtain and continuing to do what they norally did... missing the point of Christ's death, and that all they were doing was symbolizing that event to come; it came, and so the ceremony was no longer needed as a reminder.)

As an example, the passover: The Passover honors the exodus from Egypt, but several parts of this ceremony point to Christ. ( The Haggadah prints the steps of the passover ceremony, briefly listed below: )

1) The woman of the house lights the candles, symbolizing that the Light of the World, Jesus, enetered the world via a woman. 2) THREE pieces of unleavened bread are placed in three compartments in a bag.. (the trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?) 3) The Middle Pieces of break is removed, Broken In Half, then this bread is placed in a white linen bag, and then that bag is placed Under The Table, "burried." 4) About two hours later, the bag is brought up, the bread taken out, then broken into smaller pieces... a piece is eaten by all while passing around the 3rd cup of wine.. this is Communion!

The unleaven bread even bears the stripes and holes that Christ bore for us... That middle Wafer is Christ.

God KNEW that most of the Jewish people would reject His Son, and there was no need in over-burdening the Genitles with numerous symbolic ceremonies that they themselves Never Historicallly Participated In -- so Jesus "Simplified" the ceremony: Today we... 1) Accept Christ 2) Are Baptized 3) Take Communion and Obey God's Laws ...that's it!

And the rest of the ceremonies were "nailed to the cross," thus done away with.

Critics also like to point to Romans 14 to say God no longer considers the Seven Day of the week as "Holy," "Blessed," or "Sanctified," but Paul's Letter to the Roman Church was merely addressing the problems that were welling up between the Two Main Groups of first century Christians. Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians were constantly judging each other... meat which was offered to idols was an item of contention, as was the reluctance of the Jewish converts to let go of the age-old symbolic shadows and ceremonies.

That's why Paul wrote "One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let evey man be fully persuaded in his own mind." (romans 14:5)

...but, again, this had NOTHING to do with the Seventh-Day Sabbath of the Moral Law of Gos which was indeed a Holy Say In Itself!!

The only logical conclusion: the Sabbath of Creation Week was NEVER "A Shadow Of Things to Come!" ..."Types" and "Shadows" came into existance as a result of sin, and pointed forward in time to the deliverance from sin. The Sabbath was made before sin existed. Therefore it was never a type or sahdow. (See Matthew 5:17)

The Seventh-Day Sababth was Never Nailed To The Cross.. nor any other of the Ten Commandments!

Still Doubt The Commandment Were In Effect Prior To The Sinai Experience?

Final Proof That the Sabbath Was Not Nailed To The Cross


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