Fossils Support Creationism

Since we have discovered that the fossil record gives no support to the idea of species gradually changing into other species, let us see if fossil evidence is in harmony with the Bible.

Ten times in the book of Genesis we read God's decree concerning the reproduction of His creations ... "after its kind." The word "kind" refers to species, or families. Each created family was to produce only its kind. This forever precludes the drifting, changing process required by organic evolution where one species turns into another.

Take note that God did not say there could be no changes within the family. He did not create all the varieties of dogs, cats, animals, etc. in the very begining then. Many changes have since occured to produce a wide assortment of varieties within the family. Cats have always remained cats. Dogs are still dogs. Men are still men. From a good gene stock, multiple inbreeding would cause diversity without doing too much damage. Subsequent interbreeding of tainted-generations would cause problems.

Mutation has only been responsible for producing a new variety of the same species, but never originating another new kind. Selective breeding has also brought tremendous improvements such as hornless cattle, white turkeys, and seedless oranges, but all the organisms continue to reproduce exactly as God decreed at Creation -- after its kind.

The "common ancesor" that evolution demands has never existed. There is no "missing link." Man and monkeys are supposed to stem from the same animal ancestry as well as chimpanzees and many monkey groups -- even though they vary tremensously. Some are smart, others dumb. Some have short tails and some long. Some have no tails at all. Their teeth vary in number. A few have thumbs and others do not. Their genes are different. Their blood is different. Their chromosomes don't jibe. Interestingly enough: apes only breed with apes, chimpanzees with chimpanzees, and monkeys with monkeys.

But when we start comparing humans with monkeys, we get even more impossible differences than those among the simian types. In fact, these differences constitute another unanswerable support for the Bible rule of "after its kind." The fact that some monkeys can be trained to smoke a pipe, ride a scooter, or even hoist a test tube in a laboratory does not prove that scientists are eveolved animals, or that monkeys are retarted, developing humans.

Evolutionists expected to find fossil records to support their theory of species changes. It demands vast numbers of scaly reptiles transforming their scales into feathers and their front feet into wings. Other reptiles supposedly should be changing into fur-bearing quadrupeds. Did they find those thousands of multi-changing creatures? Not one.

No matter what particular strata they difted through, all the fossils were easily recognized and classified within their own families. If evolution were true, the strata should be teeming with hundreds of millions of transition forms with combination features of two or more species. Not only so, but there would have to be millions upon millions of observable living links right now in the process of turning into a higher form. Darwin confessed: "There are two or three million species on earth. A sufficient field one might think for observation; but it must be said today that in spite of all the evidence of trained observers, not one change of the species to another is on record." [ Life and Letters, vol. 3, p. 25 ]

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