The "Other" Reason For Changing The Sabbath

..the Contempt and Hatred that Rome had for the Jews!

You see, zealous and rebellious Jews were responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of Roman people. It was a revolt that sparked the total destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in 70 A.D., and then the self-proclaimed Messiah-General, Bar Kochba, began his extremely bloody revolt against the Romans in 132-135 A.D. All this inflamed Roman Anti-Judaism.

So, here amongst this scenario, you have the spread of Christianity.

And what were "Christians" doing? The worshipped a Jewish Messiah, read a Jewish Holy Book, and kept the "Jewish" Sabbath day... Which, if it were to spread all through Rome, is just another way for Rome to be "conquered" by the Jewish nation.

Is it any wonder that the early Church of Rome would consider it adventageous to "disassociate" themselves as much as possible from "those hated Jews?" So that's what they did.

Roman bishops and pontiffs, etc., HATED being seen as "second-generation Jewish Holy Men" -- they couldn't very well toss-out Christ... and (for a while, at least) they had to keep the written word around... but "that day" could be scrapped, they thought...

So, there came the Laws against Judaizing on Saturdays, and the Orders To Keep Sunday. And when the Roman Church looked around for a "good reason" to make it all sound official and "holy," they said it was because light was created on the first day of the week (this kept the sun-worshiping pagans happy), and secondly, that Christ rose on Sunday. Then the Popes thought, this is great, we don't look like "Jews" anymore... (The resurrection became the "main reason" for Sunday Worship only *after* Sun-Worship waned in the Roman World. ...around 400 A.D.)

History is peppered with writings expousing Anti-Jewish sentiments. Totally incorrect and evil-things were made up and told about the Jews - they supposedly celebrated the death of Christ by abducting and sacrificing young Christian boys... they were constantly referred to as "The Christ Killers"...

Centuries of hate and misunderstanding resulted most recently in The Holocaust wherein Hitler murdered millions -- and even today we can hear contemptuous hate-rumors that are totally groundless.

The hatred of the Jewes... that's what prompted early Roman Christians like Justin Martyr (100-165 A.D.) to do their best to promote justification for Sunday Worship. Justin martyr wrote that God had made the Sabbath on account of the Wickedness Of The Jews, deeming it "a mark to single them out for punishment they so well deserved for their infidelities." And he claimed that "the Eighth Day possesses a certain mysterous import, which the Seventh does not possess," relating it to the Eighth Day of Circumcision, and arbitrarily to the Eight people that God save from The Flood -- coupled with the fact that Pagans honored Sun-Day, Justin Martyr made misuse of numerous Bible verses like John 1:9, Malachi 4:2, Luke 1:78-79, Matthew 17:2, and Revelation 22:4, etc.. to "prove" that Sunday was the way to go.

But no matter how "logical" the arguments, the main reason behind all these cahgnes in the 7th day Sabbath was a very un-Christian one: HATE

Literally there were "cannons to the right of them," and "connons to the left of them" -- canons, proclamations, and evil laws abouded. The potential beauty of the True Sabbath was squelched.

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