Finding Such A Remnant Church Today

Obviously, for a peson to be a part of God's Remnant means that one must become a part of a Sabbath-Keeping Christian Church. And for over 140 years the Seventh-Day Adventist Church has openly claimed the distinction of being "The Lord's Remnant Church."

The Seventh-Day [worship on Saturday, the Sabbath] Adventist [professing Christ is Lord is coming] parallels the Baptist church with the exception of worshiping on Saturday and following and practicing Biblical truths in the full context they are written. They use only the Bible. For any Baptist, the examination of the Seveth-Day Adventists is an eye-opening experience to many Biblical teachings just casually overlooked in the traditional-Baptist services and teachings.

e.g. Did you know prior to communion, Christ said we were to wash each other's feet -- as an act of humbleness, so we may get eye to eye ... face to face .. with each other and the Lord. Most churches jump right to communion, but the Seventh-Day observes the whole communion process starting before the bread and wine. (See John 13) [And yes, they drink grape juice in lue of wine, just like the Baptists...]

The Seventh-Day Adventists are commonly ridiculed for practicing the Sabbath on the 7th day. And without examination of the name, it doesn't roll out as smooth as "Baptist"... but they are very strong and faithful Baptist followers of doctrine, they just wish to DO what the scriptures lead.

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