There are literally hundreds of ways that people die. In accidents... ...misusing drugs... ...fires... ...cancer... ...malnutrition... ...war... Every day roughly 5,200 people go into their graves in the United States alone. What happens at death? Do we survive death and go directly to our reward in heaven? Do the wicked go stright to hell when they die? Does it not matter what you believe as long as you believe something and as long as you're more than half way good things will all work out in the end? Surprisingly the answer to all these questions is no. There are numerous beliefs around nowdays, and we'll explore them and where they came from. Many Crhistians have been taught that purgatory and an eternally burning hell await the wicked. New Agers have grasped onto the Eastern Religions that proclaim that man is an eternal soul that "reincarnates" into several different lives -- we are going to study these topics. We are going to present truth and uncover error, for the Bible is very clear on this subject, and it is incredible to see just how much people have diversed from what really happens.
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