Uniformity or The Flood

The subject of strata beds leads into the interesting question as to how these layers were formed, and why the evolutionists have guesstimated their age in the billions of years. The dating of those layers has been done on the basis of the theory of uniformity. This theory assumes that all the natural processes at work in the past have operated exactly as they do today. In other words, we can only explain the creation of those strata on the basis of what we see happening in the world now. How long does it require now for a foot-deep stratum? Then that age is assigned to any 12-inch layer, no matter how deeply located within the earth.

Is that a valid assumption to make? Have all the natural forces of the past been just what we can demonstrate and understand today? How naive and conceited to compel ages past to conform to our limited observation and experience. We can assume what we please, but it proves absolutely nothing. The Bible describes very graphically a flood which ravaged the face of this earth, covering the highest mountains and completely destroying all plant and animal life outside the ark. The desctructive action of the deluge is expressed by these words in the Bible: "The same way were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights." [GEN 7:11-12]

The existance of those strata can be scientifically accounted for in perfect harmony with Biblical record. The universal flood of Genesis provides a much more reasonable explaination of the strata than evolution's speculations. As the waters receded from the earth, powerful tides and currents carved out the great canyons in a short time. Layers of debris, according to the specific weight, were laid down, compressing plant and animal life into a compact seam or statum. Only thus can we explain the vast oil reserves and coal beds around the world. These are the product of vegetation and animal bodies being buried under extreme heat and pressure. No such process of fossilization is taking place today. No oil or coal is forming by present nautral forces at work. (The closest thing we can find is a few peat bogs which, if burried long enough, might become coal.) Uniformity fails here.

The fact is, there has to be a gigantic, cataclysmic overturn of nature, killing and burying millions of tons of plant and animal life. The position of some fossils standing upright through one or more strata indicates that the process was not slow or age-long. The material had to be deposited quickly around the body of the animal, or it could not have remained in its erect position. Millions of fish were buried in mud by the flood, many of them contorted as though suddenly overtaken by a phenomenal force. Marine fossils have been recovered from the highest mountain ranges, and a check list on other scientific evidence points to a universal deluge over the entire planet. Moutians yet to be born would also be position to receive this record of time.

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