The "hottest topic" in the Bible: Hell. And unfortunately, it is also this topic that has caused numerous men and women throughout the centuries to say that they hate God.

Why? Who could love a God who is going to burn and torture people in a fiery "furnace" for ever and ever throughout all eternity?

...That's what the "accepted" Christian message of Hell is to the world. "Join us, accept Christ, repent of your sins, or you're gonna burn in hell forever..."

Before we go any further, let's emphasize that this is going to be one of the most serious Bible studies you will ever see on "hell." Please read and give serious attention to the things shared with you here. Because, frankly, the devil has managed to work several of his special "un-truths" into this topic, and it's time they were weeded out.

A lot of fantasies have circulated about the Lake of Fire, about "Hell" -- the main one is that "the devil is in charge of it..." WRONG!!

The Lake of Fire is to be made for only one purpose: To Destroy Satan And His Angels [MATT 25:41], and the human beings that reject God's truth and His Son's free gift of grace. [JOHN 3:16]

The second major error about Satan is the concept that he is a pitchfork- carrying-devil-with-horns-and-a-long-pointed-tail... WRONG!!

The Bible secribes Lucifer as being "an angel of light," not some warped and deformed creature-demon. [2 COR 11:14] The reason that Satan has worked to perpetuate this lie about himself is so he can manage to impersonate the Son of God and pull off a false "second coming." He'll pose as Jesus with hopes of deceiving the very elect, thereby convincing meant that error is "truth," and thus ultimately bringing God's wrath upon all those who side with him --

Don't get caught believing "fairy tales" about the devil -- Satan is real, and he's super-intelligent, and called "the father of lies." So don't buy this "lie" about the horns, the tail, or that he's in charge of hell, because he's not.