This is the one and only way any of the dead gain eternal life. The resurrection of the righteous will take place at the second coming, at the beginning of the millenium -- and, as covered eariler, the resurrection of the wicked shall take place at the END of the millenniem. |------------------- 1,000 YEARS -------------------| Resurrection Righteous Review Resurrection of the Righteous The Records To See of the Wicked That They Truely Wicked Killed Are Fair And Just Wicked Judged, ( Satan Bound By Circumstance ) Eyes Opened, And Destroyed Chapter 37 of Ezekiel tells of how God can raise up and put breath (life) into dead bones, but it mentions nothing about those people "returning from heaven" to inhabit those bodied. No, those beings, "all Israel" [verse 11], are dead, totally lifeless. And "lifeless" people will only have life again after their resurrection. 1 COR 15:34-44 refers to man's body as "seed," "plated in death," to come up GLORIFIED -- "this mortal must put on immortality." [verse 53] Man is mortal until his resurrection. God has every human being's life "on file" in heaven. He has your chromosomes and DNA record, just as he knows the numbers of hairs on your head. And when it comes to your resurrection God will have no trouble instantaneously bringing every dead person back to life. Either to their glory or to their damnation. The body you currently have will not be your glorified body. A new body, perfect in construction, based on your untainted DNA pattern, untouched by sickness or disease, will be created. And placed into it will be your mind and character. So in effect, you are exactly the same person as you are, but with all your flaws and earthly problems removed. ...but the dead wait in their graves for that magnificent occasion -- knowing nothing, seeing nothing, thinking nothing. Sounds like Shultz on Hogan's Heros, huh. Note that only a few have been granted an early resurrection; Moses (Jude 9), and those mentioned in Matt 27:52. Neat! Mankind has a million questions and a million anxieties about "dying." Never has anything more terrible been visted upon the human race -- man's mind and psyche has reeled under the burden of this phenomenon. Generation after generation of men and woman have been born, lived their lives, grown old and ill, and then died. The grave is always there (along with taxes), waiting taunting man. Families have had to endure an unending series of heart-rending separations from loved ones, as each of us reaches out time of death. ...decay ...decomposition ...death. It has been this anxiety, this fear, this terror of dying that has driven man to search out "answers" to understand death. And how do they do that? Unfortunately, many peolpe ahve turned to SPIRITUALISM to alleviate their fears about the mystery of death. Good going, that'll really set 'em straight. Not!'s why
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