Perhaps there needs to be a clarrification about what is meant when one says "fallen angels." The Bible clearly tells of how Lucifer challenged God's authority and God's heavenly government [ ISA 14:12-15; REV 12:7-9 ], and how he persuaded fully a THIRD of the angels to side with him. there was WAR IN HEAVEN, the the fallen angels were expelled from God's courts. Satan and his angels fell to earth... Satan was the first CHANNELER. He used the WINGED SERPENT, one of the most beautiful of God's creatures, to entice Eve into disobedience -- The PROOF that Satan "channeled" His will through the Serpent lies in the fact that God PUNISHED THE SERPENT for its having participated in the deception. God removed its wings, thereby making it "crawl upon its belly" for the rest of its days. God didn't pull off Satan's wings, and there's be NO REASON to punish the serpent if it wasn't a participant. The serpent had cooperated with the forces of evil. From this we learn that if we allow ourselves to release our will, a fallen angel can take control. He can also work through animals, not just humans. If one were to speculate for the sake of curosity, it would be reasonable to assume that unfallen angels would have similar power. In this way they could deliver the message of God to those willing to receive it, and it would be out of character to take advantage of the situation beyond that. So, here we are, all comfy and "cozy" in our modernday world of TV's and VCR's, etc. Satan knows his time is short, and he intends to ensnare as many people as possible. See, people who have next to no knowledge of the Bible, or its dire warnings against all forms of spiritualism, they think there's "no problem" giving heed to new ideas, new phenomena, ie. the new lies of the old deceiver. Satan's angels visit our homes unseen, hoping people will tune in to talk shows, etc., that feature psychics and channelers. e.g. "...I channel for an entity that originally lived on the earth plane of existence 2,000 years ago, in the days of the great teacher named Jesus..." ( Catch the lie mixed with truth? ) See, when people don't understand what the Bible says about the state of the dead, they leave themselves open to Satan's deceptions. Mainly, if your relatives are "asleep in the grave," there's no way they can ever appear to you as a "ghost" or "spirit." And also, there's no reason to pray to saints, because they won't and can't hear you -- but the devil can, so beware.
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