The following list books are provided for you to investigate your own beliefs. The list includes books of science, books of fiction, general sermons, accusations, rebuttals, freebies, arguements and counter arguments, etc. Don't just select one book from the list and assume becuase I've given it to you here that it is the right belief. (For example, the publications 1 2 3 4 and This Was Your Life discusses how you are going burn-burn-burn in hell forever, if you don't give in right now. Yet the document you just read above discusses some severe inaccuracies in this view using the Bible as proof.) Every author has a right to their views, just as you have a right to your own. Some views may be correct, some may be incorrect. If you can't accept a concept, find out why. See if your being prejudice or if there is sound reason for dismissing it. This list is no particular order. Where ISBN numbers are not found, attempts have been made to obtain the publisher's address as a substitute.

  Holy Bible, King James Version                  ISBN 0-915741-04-0

  The New Open Bible, Study Edition               ISBN 0-8407-1508-0
    New King James Version             (Indexed)  ISBN 0-8407-1509-9

  20th Century Bible Course, 30 Lessons

  God Cares, Vol. 1 Daniel,                       ISBN 0-8163-0390-8
    by C. Mervyn Maxwell  
    The Message of Daniel for You and Your Family

  God Cares, Vol 2 Revelation,                    ISBN 0-8163-0611-7
    by C. Mervyn Maxwell
    The Message of revelation for You and Your Family

  Revelation Seminars    P.O. Box 88 / Candler, NC 28715  1-800-438-2621
     Prophecy Seminar   -- Daniel      32 Lessons
     Revelation Seminar                24 Lessons

  Prophecy Seminal -- Revelation

  Crusade Tapes, by Amazing Facts                 Amazing Facts
    24 Audio Casette Series                       P.O. Box 680
                                                  Fredrick, MD  21701

  The 365 Day Bible, New International Version

  Disciple's Study Bible,                         ISBN 1-55819-015-5
    New International Version          (Indexed)  ISBN 1-55819-016-3

  Bible Readings for the Home        Library of Congress Call #: 63-12806
    300 Vital Scripture Topics in Question-and-Answer Form 

  Strongs's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

  Holy Bible, placed by the Gideons
  New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs
    The Gideons International
    2900 Lebanon Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37214

  The Kingdom of the Cults, by Walter Martin      ISBN 0-87123-796-2

  Are Seventh-day Adventists False Prophets?      ISBN 0-87552-445-1
    by Wallace D. Slattery
    A Former Insider Speaks Out

  Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbott                    Dover Books 20001-9
    The fourth dimension, humor, satire, logic combined into a science-
    fiction classic that has entertained generations.
  Innumeracy, by John Alen Paulos                 ISBN 0-679-72601-2
    Mathematical Illeracy and its Consequences

  Beyond Numeracy, by John Allen Paulos           ISBN 0-679-73807-X

  Why the Reckless Survive, by Melvin Konner      ISBN 0-670-82936-6
    And Other Secrets of Human Nature

  The Secret Life of Quanta, by Dr. M. Y. Han     ISBN 0-8306-3397-9
    The New Physics: Lasers, Semiconductors, Microprocessors,
    Superconductors, and Supercolliders

  A Brief History of Time, by Stephen W. Hawking  ISBN 0-553-05340-X
    From the Big Bang to Black Holes

  Infinity and the Mind, by Rudy Rucker           ISBN 0-553-25531-2
    The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite

  The Late Great Planent Earth, by Hal Lindsey    ISBN 0-553-23958-9

  Biblical Perspectives -- by Samuele Bacchiocchi
  [ 4569 Lisa Lane / Berrin Springs / Michigan 49103 ]
    No 1.:  From Sabbath to Sunday                    $12.95
              A Historical Investigation of the Rise
              of Sunday Observance in Early Christianity
    No 2.:  Divine rest for Human Restlessness        $12.95
    No 3.:  Hal Lindsey's Prophetic Jigsaw Puzzle     $ 9.95
              Five predictions that failed!
    No 4.:  The Time of the Crucifixion               $12.95
    No 5.:  The Sabbath in the New Testament          $12.95
              Answers to Questions
    No 6.:  The Advent Hope for Human Hopelessness    $14.95
    No 7.:  Women in the Church                       $12.95
              A Biblical Study of the Role of Women 
              in the Church
    No 8.:  Wine in the Bible                         $12.95
              A Biblical Study on the Use of 
              Alcoholic Beverages
    Wine in the Bible; A Biblical Study on the Use    $ 3.50
      of Alcoholic Beverages; An Abridged Version
    No 9.:  The Marriage Covenant                     $12.95
              A Biblical Study on Marriage, Divorce,
              and Remarriage


  Understanding the Old Testament,                ISBN 0-13-936153-7
    by Bernhard W. Anderson

  The Lost Books of the Bible                     ISBN 0-517-277956

  The Reason for the Season, by Morris Venden
    published by Concerned Communications
    Highway 95 North / Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761

  The Book of Judges, From Conquest to Chaos,
    by Authur B. Walton
    published by Regular Baptist Press
    1300 North Mecham Road / Schaumburg, Illinois 60173-4888

  Library of Sermons      Amazing Facts / P.O. Box 680 / Fredrick, MD 21701
   1. Armageddon, by Joe Crews
   2. Can a saved Man Choose to be Lost?, by Joe Crews
   3. Does God's grace Blot Out the Law?, by Joe Crews
   4. Hidden Eyes and Closed Ears, by Joe Crews
   5. How Evolution Flunked the Science Test, by Joe Crews
   6. Is It Easier to Be Saved or to Be Lost?, by Joe Crews
   7. man's flicker or god's Flame?, by Joe Crews
   8. Satan in Chains, by Joe Crews
   9. Satan's confusing Counterfeits, by Joe Crews
  10. Spirits from Other Worlds, by Joe Crews
  11. Thieves in the Church, by Joe Crews
  12. Why God Said Remember, by Joe Crews
  13. Why the Old Covenant Failed, by Joe Crews
  14. The high Cost of the Cross, by Joe Crews
  15. Hell-Fire, by Joe Crews
  16. Is It Possible to Live Without Sinning?, by Joe Crews
  17. Blood Behind the Veil, by Joe Crews
  18. Spirits of the Dead, by Joe Crews
  19. The Brook Fried Up, Why Do Christians Suffer? by Joe Crews
  20. Death in the Kitchen, by Joe Crews
  21. The Search for the True Church, by Joe Crews
  22. Is it a sin to be tempted?, by Joe Crews
  23. Is Sunday Really Sacred?, by Joe Crews
  24. Heaven... Is It for Real?, by Joe Crews
  25. Rendexvous in Space, by Joe Crews
  26. Christ's Human Nature, by Joe Crews

  Amazing Facts / P.O. Box 680 / Fredrick, MD 21701
    Feast Days & Sabbaths, Are they still binding?, by Joe Crews
    Life in the Spirit, by Joe Crews
    Riches of Grace, by Joe Crews
    Square Circles and Carnal Christians, by Joe Crews

  Amazing Facts the Affect You!  Information Folder:
  [ Amazing Facts / P.O. Box 680 / Fredrick, MD 21701 ]
    A. Are the Dead Really dead?
    B. Is the Devil in charge of Hell?  Can he be trusted to be impartial?
    C. It's Headed Straight Toward You... and you can't outrun it!
    D. Has Holy Wedlock become Unholy Deadlock?
    E. A Colossal City in Space
    F. You are Responsible
    G. Don't Be Fooled
    H. The Big Radar Has Caught You
    I. You Wouldn't Do This...
    J. Your Turn Is Next
    K. Buried and Forgotton by God
    L. It's Still There!

  A Special Publication from Amazing Facts 
  [ Amazing Facts / P.O. Box 680 / Fredrick, MD 21701 ]
  (these are in a comic book style that's easy to read and jammed with info)
    The Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation
    The Truth About the Sabbath
    Grave Errors About Death; What Really Happens When We Die?

  Evidence That Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell      ISBN 0-918956-46-3
   Historical evidences for the Christian Faith, Volume I

  Evidence That Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell      ISBN 0-918956-73-0
   Historical evidences for the Christian Faith, Volume II

  More Than a Carpenter, by Josh Carpenter               ISBN 0-8423-4552-3

  Seventh-day Adventists Believe...                      ISBN 0-8280-0466-8
    A Biblical Exposition of 27 Fundamental Doctrines

  Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual
    Issued by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

  Revelation Seminars Home Series, A Bible Prophecy Adventure
   Modern Prophets and Visions
   God's Church Revealed
   The Seven Plagues of Revelation

  An Hour With Your Bible
    Review and Herald Publishing Association    Hagerstown, MD 21740
    1. An Hour with Your Bible
    2. The Fruits of the Spirit
    3. The Gift of God
    4. The Sabbath -- Symbol of God's Rulership
    5. Your friends, the Adventists
    6. Law and Grace
    Tele-Violence, by H.M.S. Richards, Jr.
    Steps to Christ, How to Know Him Better
    Evolution or Special Creation, by Frand Lewis Marsh, Ph. D.
    Spiritualism Today, by LeRoy Edwin Froom
    What Kind of Person is God?

  Good News Series
  [ Review and Herald Publishing Assn. / 55 West Oak Ridge Drive /
    Hagerstown, maryland 21740 ]
      No.  3:  Jesus is Coming!
      No. 16:  The Second Death
      No. 20:  You don't have to be good!
      No. 26:  What kind of person are you?
      No. 30:  How Sin Began

  Who Killed Adam?, by edward Lugenbeal        ISBN 0-8127-0186-0

  Campus Crusade for Christ International 
   Arrow Springs, San Bernardino, CA 92414
     Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?

  Department P / 12501 Old Columbia Pike / Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600
    What is God Like?
    Man's Need of Christ
  Department P / P.O. Box 4903 / Silver Spring, MD 20914-4903
    How to be Born Again
    God's Love for Man
  Pacific Press Publishing Association 
  [ Boise, Idaho / Oshawa, Ontario, Canada / Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico ]
   The Skeptic and the Ten Commandments, by H.M.S. Richards  ISBN 0-8163-0403-3
   The Remnant Church, a compilation of writings from Ellen G. White 
   Defeated Demons, by Morris L. Venden
   12 Men Who Shook the World, by Philiip Knoche and Keith Knoche
   Conflict of the Ages Series
     Vol 1.  Patriarchs and Prophets, by Ellen G. White
        The Story of Patriarchs and Prophets as Illustrated in the Lives
        of Holy Men of Old
     Vol 2.  Prophets and Kings, by Ellen G. White
        The Story of Prophets and Kings as Illustrated in the Capivity and
        Restoration of Iseral
     Vol 3.  The Desire of Ages
        The Conflict of Ages Illustrated in the Life of Christ
     Vol 4.  The Acts of the Apostles
        The Acts of the Apostles in the Procllamatiom of the Gospel
        of Jesus Christ
     Vol 5.  The Great Controversy
        The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan.  The Conflict
        of the Ages in the Christian Dispensation
  What Ever Happened to "Happily Ever After?", by Sandra Riddle Fujita
  Breaking Up, by Wayne Judd
  Why Do I Shout At My Wife?, by Dick Jewett        ISBN 0-8163-0300-2
  How to Believe When You Hurt, by Charles Scriven  ISBN 0-8163-1024-6
  Let's Get Acquaineted!, by Ken McFarland          ISBN 0-8163-0691-5
    Your Friends the Seveth-day Adventists
  Faith and Prayer, by H.M.S. Richards, Jr.

  The Importance of Touch, by Juanita A. Slack      ISBN 0-8280-0397-1

  Is God That Generous?, by Joseph J. Battistone  ISBN 0-8280-0096-4

  All of Grace, by C. H. Spurgeon                 ISBN 0-88368-097-1
    The infinite love of God

  Who Causes Suffering?, by Roland R. Hegstad     ISBN 0-8280-0552-4
    A thought-provoking look at an age-old question

  Tell It To The World, by C. Mervyn Maxwell      ISBN 0-8163-0217-0
    The Story of Seventh-day Adventists

  Kindle Kindness, by Adlai Albert Esteb          ISBN 0-8280-0462-5

  God Beyond Nature, by Robert E. D. Clark    Library of Congress #77-076108
    Can an honest thinking person believe in a Creator today?  A
    scientist believes in God.

  New Life!  34 Illustrated New Life Bible guides -- FREE
  Write to: New Life, Box 55, Los Angeles, CA 90053

  Booklet No. 29: 1 2 3 4, by Oliver B. Greene     Gospel Hour, Inc.

  This Was Your Life!
  [ Chick Publications  P.O. box 662, Chino, CA 91708-0622 ]

  The Christian Atheist, by Ken Mcfarland          ISBN 0-8163-0500-5

  You and Your Conscience, by Gerald R. Nash       ISBN 0-8163-0428-9

  The Bible Course for Busy People
      write to: Box 59 / Nashville, Tennessee 37202
    How Sunday-keeping Came Into the Church, by Kenneth J. Holland

  Why Were You Born?                               ISBN 0-943093-77-5

  The Bible Pageant
    Vol 5.  Warriors of the Cross                  ISBN 0-8163-0639-7

  Puzzled?  Why Not Talk to God About...
  [ P.O. Box 969, Glendale, CA 91209     7 cents each ]
    Your Future
    The Sabbath
    Being a Real Christian
    Life After Death

  Before You Burn the Rule Book, by Jere Patzer    ISBN 0-8163-0475-0

  When Religion Doesn't Work                       ISBN 0-8280-0314-9

  "Don't give me that stuff about the Birds & Bees",
     by Shirley Jones                              ISBN 0-8163-0518-8

  For the Umpteenth Time, by H. Roger Bothwell     ISBN 0-8163-0538-2

  A Victim No Longer, Dan Day                      ISBN 0-8163-0603-6
    You're Nobody's Doormat

  Disarming Depression, by George E. Vanderman     ISBN 0-8163-0724-5

  Battle to Breath, by Louis J. and Reinhold L. Klingbeil
    What you need to know about emphysema           SBN   8127-0059-7

  Everybody's Doing It, Jere D. Patzer             ISBN 0-8280-0323-8

  Hammers in the Fire                              ISBN 0-8163-0119-0

  Cancer, by Robert L. Nutter                      ISBN 0-8280-0068-9

  Have You ever Seen the Opinion Please Booklet...
    [ IT IS WRITTEN, Box O, thousand Oaks, CA 91360 ]

  It's All Right to Cry, How to face Losing a Loved One
    [ Adventist Information Ministry, Berrin Springs, Michigan 49104 ]

  Footprints In The Sand

  Gospel Showdown,                                 ISBN 0-8163-0435-1
  and Other Parables On Salvation by Faith,
  by Ken McFarland

  Whe the Devil Goes to Jail,                      ISBN 0-8280-0117-0
  by Thurman C. Petty, Jr.

  Final War, by E. G. White
  [ Inspiration Books / P.O. Box 8249 / Phoenix, Arizona 85066-8249 ]

  Pretenders to the Throne, by Ronald R. Hegstad   ISBN 0-8163-0930-2
    Unprecendented changes in Eastern Europe foretell a final
    confrontation between the kindsdoms of earth and the kingdom
    of heaven.

  Beginning Again, by D. James Kennedy, Ph. D.
  [ Coral Ridge Ministries / P.O. Box 40 / Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302 ]

  The Bible Library, published by Ellis Enterprises on CD-ROM
    4205 McAuley Blvd. #385 / Oklahoma City, OK 73120 / (405) 749-0273
    To order call: 1-800-729-9500

  The Twelve Steps of Wholeness
    4015 executive Park Drive / Suite 309 / Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 
    (512) 769-5353

  Testimonies On Sabbath-School Work                    15261
  [ College Press / College Place, WA 99324]

  A Dictionary of Angels, including the fallen angels   ISBN 0-02-907050-3
    by Gustav Davidson

    published by Songs and Creations Inc.
    P.O. Box 7  San Anselemo, CA 94960   (415) 457-6610     1-(800) 227-2188

  Seventh-day Adventist Hyman                           ISBN 0-8280-0307-6

  From This Day Forward, by Nancy Van Pelt              ISBN 0-8280-0280-0
    Blueprint for Family Happiness  (and Workbook)

  God Invented Sex, by Charles Wittschiebe               SBN   8127-0081-3

  Early Writings, by Ellen G. White                     ISBN 0-8280-0478-1

  Jews, God, and History, by Max I. Dimont              New American Library

  The Jewish Beginning                                   SBN   87068-381-0
    Part 1:  From Creation to Joshua

  Holidays and Festivals                  Press of Shulsinger Brothers, NY
    A descriptive account of the annual cycle of Jewish days of joy,
    with a summary of principals of Faith.

  Once Upon a Jewish Holiday               Library of Congress 65-29192
    by Bea Stadtler                        KTAV Publishing House Inc.              

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