"It is appointed unto to men once to die, but after this The Judgement." [HEB 9:27]

The Bible says that our every word and every deed have been recorded in Heaven's record books. Our every action has been witnessed by angels, and we are to be judged "according to our works."

Note several things at this point. First, we are judged by our works, we are not saved by them. Salvation comes through the belief of Jesus Christ, the reward we reap after the fact come based upon our actions. Secondly, by not having time work in both directions, everything we have ever done has been permanently recorded. For a being who seems unaffected by time, time would be a useful log book.

The Bible indicates there will be three judgements. God has 'videotaped' and recorded the lives of every person who has lived, and we are to be judged by the record of our life. If, after the first judgement, our name remains in 'the Book of Life,' we shall inherit eternal life.

It is decided before Christ's second coming as to who shall gain eternal life. [REV 22:12 and JOHN 5:28-29] Note that our decision towards Christ affects the outcome.

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