During the 1260 year rule of the Papacy, this church sought to be the only one with access to God's Word. They performed their masses in a language the common man did not understand, and zealously destroyed any translations of the Bible that "peasants" could read.

The Roman Catholic Church went about selling their blessings and indulgences, even though Acts 8:20 says the gift of God cannot be purchased with money, and when anyone came along and disagreed with their doctrine, this church totally forgot that the only coercion Christ used was the coercion of love. The Roman Catholic Church went far, far beyond that... they formed The Inquistion...

It's estimated that during these 1260 years 50-100 million people were put to death for "heresy" by the Catholic Church.

For only wanting to read the scriptures themselves, in their own language, and believing as God's spirit lead, millions were tortured in dungeons and burned at the stake.

This was "the persecution of the saints" talked about before. Totally blatant un-Christlike behavior by "men of God." Is there "freedom of worship" in the Papacy's point of view? NO. [Keep in mind MAT 7:20-23 and 25:40]

Read Foxe's Book of Martyrs in case you are not familiar with the behavior of the Catholic Church. It gives clear examples of what happens when Satan infiltrates the minds and hearts of over-zealous "Christians."

She did it before. Could she do it again? She says she will, "if it would suit her purpose."

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