At the end of the dark and desolate 1,000 year millennium the city of New Jerusalem descends from space, and it will come to rest on the newly made flattened plain where the Mount of Olives now is. And all the saints descend with the city and our Lord. [Rev 21 & 22]

The city has a circumference of 1500 miles, and is square. Each wall is 375 miles in length, and this entire huge city covers an area of 140,625 square miles. There would be room for over 30 billion people.

Within this great city runs the water of life, directly from God's throne. And the tree of life that was once in the garden of eden is here again growing and giving forth its monthy life-sustaining fruit. And in the city there is never "night," for the light of God shines eternally.

Now the stage is set for the resurrection of the wicked, and the final confrontation with Satan...

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