It should be noted that only the marine animals that have fins and scales are counted as "clean" in Leviticus 11. All others are an abomination to God and unhealthy to the body. This eliminates oysters, shrimp, crabs, clams, eels, catfish, lobsters and crayfish. Again, the scavengers have been forbidden as articles of diet. Next time you eat shrimp, if there is a next time, look at it carefully after biting into it. That dark line is all the crap and refuse that has yet to be expelled, not to mention whatelse is in its bodily system that you can't see. Are there sound, scientific reasons for accepting God's appraisal of these shellfish and other seafood? It is quite common knowledge that these cerates feed largely on the raw sewage and pollutants in the water.

Prevention magazine of September, 1972 carried an interesting article entitled "Shellfish Are Dirty and Dangerous." The author appeared reluctant to take a stand, but was committed to telling the truth on the sensitive subject. "They're succulent; they're delicious; they're even nutritious. But, because of the nature of the mollusk and the sewage-like pollution of its habitat, we must in good conscience advise you to avoid shellfish, no matter how they tempt you, end even though those around you seem to be swalloing them with delight. The day of reckoning cometh. "Why are shellfish so dangerous? Because they are mant times more polluted than the filthy waters they inhabit. "Unfortunately they choose to live and love and multiply in estuaries along coastal regions. These estuaries are particularly subject to the discharge of sewage, sewage effluent, and other water-bourne pollution from municipal discharges, from suburban home drainage and agricultrual runoff. "The polluted aspect of their habitat is one danger. The fact that they are filter feeders compounds the danger. "Oysters, for instance, because of their way of obtaining and absorbing food, have been found to concentrate polio virus up to 20 to 60 times the level of the surrounding seawater. "No other animal food offered on the menu of your favorite eating place would be served to you along with its feves. Yet this is the case with seafood. It is served whole; complete with its intestinal tract."

Over and over again outbreaks of hepatitis have been traced to the eating of seafood. After feeding on raw sewage, the creature is harvested and sold. The disease is simply cycled from man to mollusk and then back to man.

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