If the Bible never authorized Sunday as the weekly day of Worhship... who did?

The Culprit...? The Church of Rome is the source of "Sunday Worship" in the Christian world.

Perhaps you're as floored as I was when I heard this. But bear with this, and you'll see what happened... (insert a disolve effect here if this ever gets turned into a movie)

The Roman Catholic Church changed the weekly Sabbath from Saturday over to Sunday.

This change came about in the 200-400 A.D. time period. Around 200 A.D. there arose a dispute over picking one day during the year to honor Christ's resurrection (God never asked us to) -- yet Rome picked Sunday for this.

Later, when 'lent' was brought into the church, each Sunday during the fourty days was designated to honor the resurrection.

Notice how all these things were introduced into the church, but they were never commanded or taught in the Bible? [One solution is to then go back and add your own books... just to make things fit.]

Then, in the 4th century, the curch made the decision to keep EVERY Sunday in the year.

..and to STOP Christians from "Judaizing" on the seventh day of the week, the powerful roman church passed LAWS to ensure Sunday observance -- on pain of death! (For a while there Christians had Sabbath and Sunday, which looked doubly appealing ... but eventually the church made things more and more difficult for those worshiping on the Sabbath. )

...Thus they forcefully annulled the Sabbath Day!

Now remember: This is the same church that instigated the inquisition, to ensure "total obedience." It's a well-known historical fact that 50-100 MILLION supposed "heretics" were put to death by the church of Rome during the more than 12 centuries that they dominated Europe. [Anyone remember ...Thou shalt not kill... anyone? ..anyone?]

Not until 1965 did the church of rome stop branding protestants as "heretics" they now deem it fit to refer to protestants as "separated brethren."

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