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Walt-O-Matic Podcast

You've found the secret lair of the Walt-O-Matic podcasts!

Episode listing:

  1. Self Defense Gone Wrong
    Uncle Danny sends a video letter to his neice, Alex, attempting to teach her the skill of self defense. Problem is, he antagonizes the instructor.

  2. Green Egg
    Walt gets the group to try a new candy — a green gum egg with a surprise in the center.

  3. The Etymology of Merf
    What does the word Merf mean and where does it come from?

  4. PlastoMagnetism
    Thanks to scientific advancements, magnets aren't just for metals anymore!

  5. Crusades Commercial
    Looking for adventure? Why not break into the wonderful world of crusading?

  6. I Told You So
    What's the point in having a you gun if you can't shoot your sisters?

  7. SuperBaby Bloopers
    This was supposed to be an episode of SuperBaby, however I couldn't convince the young actress she was SuperBaby. Every adult deception was thwarted at every turn. Eventually, she got so interested in the filming process that we had to stop production.

  8. Optics and Magnification
    Uncle Danny attempts to teach about optics and magnification, only things go horribly awry. Contains bonus bloopers.

  9. Salt and Pepper
    Uncle Danny explains the dangers of salt and pepper.

  10. Lemon Perfume
    Uncle Danny instructs how to make lemon perfume out of household cleaners.

  11. Baby Sitting Frog
    There's good reason why one shouldn't let a frog baby sit the kids. His only instruction was "no violent television programs." Contains bonus bloopers.

  12. Clean Up After The Kids
    A mom walks in to the play area only to find the kids missing and a mess to clean up.