Walt's Photography

Because sometimes you just want a nice photo of yourself...

Walt's Photography


If you want to see photo samples...

If you are wanting to look at pictures or portfolio samples in general, see Walt's public portfolio, currently hosted on Flickr.

As an extra treat, a few of our models have their photo shoots available.

If you are wanting photography services...

Look around, and when you're ready, simply contact the photographer by email, introduce yourself, and share what kind of photos you're after.

If you are a model...

Browse the site and see if we're the right photography service for you.

If you are not a model and wish you were...

We can help you put together a set of amazing photos, even if you don't have any modeling experience. We'll walk you through each step of the way, it's a lot easier than you think.

In fact, we've deliberately set up this site so that the sample photos you see here come from models who have no experience prior to the shoot. If they can do it and look this good, so can you.

If you are a parent wanting child photography...

Yes, you're also at the right place; we do child photography, too.

Got a Code?

Did someone hand you a card or coin with a code on the back?

Enter that code here:

Want to model?

If you have an interesting concept that you'd like to pursue, send it to us. We may pick you and offer a TFP shoot.
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