Introducing the "New And Improved" (Altered) Ten Commandments

Why was this done? To make Christianity more attractive to Pagans!

Note that the verses are considerably shorter; the commandment against images is removed; the Sabbath Day is replaced by Sunday; and to fill the gap the last commandment is split in two to hide the hole! And the 4/6 division is made to look like 5/5 so the cute pictures would be balanced.

   I. I am the Lord They God.  Thou       VI. Thou shalt not commit
      shalt not have strange Gods             adultry.
      before me.
                                         VII. Thou shalt not steal.
  II. Thou shalt not take the name
      if the Lord Thy God in vain.      VIII. Thou shalt not bear false
                                              witness against thy 
 III. Remember that thou keep holy            neighbor.
      the Sabbath Day.  (Sunday)
                                          IX. Thou shalt not covet thy
  IV. Honor they father and thy               neighbor's wife.
                                           X. Thou shalt not covert thy
   V. Thou shalt not kill.                    neighbor's goods.

This is the ALTERED Ten commandments as approved by the Pope.

Now check out Daniel 7:25 ... They THINK they have changed God's Law, but They Really Have Not! See Matthew 5:18 too!

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