Moses spent forty days and forty nights atop of Mount Sinai. That was where the Lord wrote the Ten Commandments upon the tablets of stone.

The Ten Commandments are God's "Laws." His ETERNAL and UNCHANGEABLE laws.

Incidently, the ten commandments are typically depicted as two stone tablets containing 5 commandments each. Actually the first contained 4 and the second 6. The first set are guildlines for our interaction and relationship to God; following these brings us into a better relationship with God. The second set are guidelines for out interaction with other men; following these brings us into a better relationship with those around us. And as a side note to ponder, since the Hebrews wrote right to left, the start of the commandsments could have been on what we consider the second tablet.

However, there are those around who feel that such guidelines infringe upon their personal rights. Darn tootin'; just imagine how awful the world would be if our parents treated us with respect and we did the same to them, how awful it would be to walk the streets without the fear of murder, a rotten world where we choose our spouces carefully and respected them and were able to have complete trust in them, how unfair it would be not to be able to take something from someone else, how unprofitable it would be to actually offer truth in testimony, and how much unfun it would be to being content with that around us and not having to worry about what someone else may have or running off with what have. These 'commandments' must really be out of line, we wouldn't have need for most of the laws and punishments we currently got! If you need a better example of sarcasm, I'd be happy to dig one up because isn't all this the whole goal our civilation is looking for within its cries for peace? Ironic.

So, in any case, has there been any world power that has thought to CHANGE God's laws? The answer to that is "yes."

For most people who call themselves Christians, they are shocked and appalled when the see the following. How could anyone ever have the audacity to change and rewrite the Lord's Ten Commandments? Yet, it was done.

And then it all become very, very clear. All it took was having one extremely large and powerful group with the settled conviction that they had the "authority" to CHANGE even Divine Laws.

At least in THREE places, the Church of Rome altered the handwriting of God that originally appeared on the tablets of stone to more accurately reflect their compromising attitude toward Paganism. [ Paganism relied heavily on Sun-Worship and Idol-Worship, so by changing these Laws the Church of Rome found it easier to accomodate the Pagan peoples they had conquered into the church. ]

The Ten Commandments in
The Old Testament
The Law of God
As Changed By The Papacy
I. Thou shall have NO OTHER gods before me. I. You shall have no strange gods before me.
II. Thou shall not make any graven images. ...commandment against images is gone! ..renumbering time.
III. Thou shall not take the name of the Lord in vain. II. You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.
IV. Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. Six days shall thou labor, but the seventh day of the Lord thy God. Do no work on that day. III. Keep holy the Sabbath day.
( Although it is now called Sunday... )
V. Honor thy father and mother. IV. Honor your father and mother.
VI. Do not kill. V. Do not kill.
VII. Do not commit adultery. VI. Do not commit adultery.
VIII. Do not steal. VII. Do not steal.
IX. Do not bear false witness. VIII. Do not bear false witness.
X. Do not covet thy neighbor's house or wife, or anything that is thy neighbor's. ... unless something was done there would be a commandment missing.
Solution: split one of them.

IX. Do not covet you neighbor's wife.

X. Do not covert your neighbor's goods.

See EXODUS 20:3-17 for complete text! (Naturally it now becomes dangerous to let people read the Bible for themselves and a good idea to start doing religious ceremonies in a language not understood by commoners....)

As for the changing of "times," notice that in chapter 2, verse 21 that Daniel gives credit to God, how God "changes the times and the seasons," how God "removes kings and sets up kings..." It is God's prerogative to "change times." It is God who has the destiny of nation's under His control.

For the "little horn" to endeavor to change times would indicate a deliberate attempt to exercise the prerogative of God in shaping the course of human history.

Did the Papacy ever think to exercise this type of control in the world? Most definately.

In the eleventh century Pope Gregory VII proclaimed the perfection of the Roman Church. Aming the propositions which he put forth was one declaring that the church had NEVER ERRED, nor WOULD IT EVER ERR. The proud pontiff also claimed the power to DEPOSE EMPERORS, and declared that no sentence which he pronounced could be reversed by anyone, but that it was HIS prerogative to reverse the decision of all others.

A striking illustration of the tyrannical character of this advocate of infallibility was given in his treatment of the German emperor, Henry IV. For presuming to disregard the Pope's authority, this monarch was declared to be excommunicated and dethroned. Terrified by the desertion and threats of his own princes, who were encouraged in rebellion against him by the Papal mandate, Henry felt the necessity of making his peace with Rome. In company with his wife and a faithful servant he crossed the alps in mid-winter, that he might humble himself before the Pope...

Upon reaching the castle where Pope Gregory was staying, Henry was conducted into an outer court without his guards, and there, in the severe cold of winter, uncovered and naked feet and in miserable dress, he awaited the Pope's permission to come into his presence...

Not until he had continued three days fasting and making confession, did the pontiff condescend to grant a pardon.

... even then it was only upon the condition that the emperor should await the sanction of the Pope before resuming the insignia or excerising the power of royality. And Gregory, ELATED WITH HIS TRIUMPH, BOASTED THAT IT WAS HIS DUTY TO PULL DOWN THE PRIDE OF KINGS. This event took place in January of the year 1077.