God's Test Of Loyality

Question: Is it OK to pick just "any 7th day" to keep holy?

Answer: God never let anybody "choose" which day they wished to keep holy.

Read Exodus 16:4 god TESTED mankind to see "wether they will walk in My law or no" when he provided the manna in the desert for 40 years. And the Lord performed three continuings miracles to show and prove that not "just any 7th day" is holy...

  1)  No manna fell    2) If "extra" manna was   3) A double portion gathered
      on the 7th day      gathered, it spoiled      on the 6th day did not
      of the week.        by the next day.          spoil when kept over!

Does God's Blessing make a difference? Of course it does! You ask God to bless your children, your family, your loved one, you, etc... it matters LOTS as to wether or not the Lord blesses someone or a even blesses a day.

Notice how god chose the Sabbath Commandment as the great test of His Law? It's STILL the Great Test to this very day!

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