Why So Many Denominations?

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." . Psalms 119:105 . . B T R The Apostolic Church . . I R E . . B U D SUNDAY . SABBATH L T I TRANSUBSTANTIATION . COMMUNION E H S B I SPRINKLING . BAPTISM C I G CONFESSION . PRAYER O B N PURGATORY . LAKE OF FIRE V L O PENANCE . RIGHEOUSNESS BY FAITH E E R INDULGENCES TITHE R E E D The Dark Ages D

"Let no man decieve you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first..." II Thessalonians 2:3

This is the "falling away" that Paul wrote of, a falling away from the truth that was taught by Jesus and His disiples. had things progressed correctly, with no "detours," then True Christianity would have remained intact from the 1st century up to today.

But... as Paul Foretold in Acts 20:29, "grievous wolves" did descend upon the simple and pure teachings of Christianity. Dozens of supposedly "holy" doctrines were instated -- and not until the reformation were these errors corrected, one by one.

And the Sabbath is the last one of these "neglected Bible Truths" to be reinstated!

See, when people form a certain set of beliefs, they can end up locking themselves into a "rigid" set of teachings, and this can keep them from following newly rediscovered truth. I'm sorry to point out this has happened repeatedly in the history of the church...

When God sent His Son to the people of Iseral the REJECTED the new light and ---.| new truth (Matt 27:25 "then answered --+ all the people, and said, 'his blood be on us' and on our children.'"), so After the Church of Rome turned there came the necessity of creating cruel and apostate to God's a NEW CHRUCH (in the New Testament, truth, new light was given by the word 'church' from the greek word martin Luther, but the Catholic Ekklesia simply means God's "called-out Church refused it! So was born ones.") among the Getiles. ,-- the Lutheran Church.. |/ +-- When God brought more light to Konrad Grebel about Baptism, most --____\ When additional truth came Lutherans didn't accept it! So the / through John Wesley, many Baptist Church emerged... Calvinists and others turned him down, so now we . have Methodists. . This story goes ON and ON... It's . the sad human tendency to "depend \ / upon the past," to draw a circle \/ around our beliefs and call it a creed -- yes, these original creeds helped reinstate the correct doctrines of true Christianity, but they did not make provisions for Advancing Light! This is why there are so many denominations.

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