Another Story, Get Your Milk And Cookies Out

There was a man who owned a fabric store, and a woman bought ten yards of material from him -- when she later laid out the pattern, it was too short for her patterns. She measures it and discovered it was ten inches too short.

The lady took the material back to the store and told the owner that he didn't give her the full ten yards.

"Of course I did," he said to her. "We are always honest in our measurement of material.: The owner motioned to the yardstick attached to the edge of his table.

The lady brought with her a brand new yardstick, and placed it along side the shop owner's older yardstick, and said, "look -- your yardstick is one inch short."

It was true. The shopowner was very, very surprised. He'd never noticed it before.

The man's father had owned this store, and his grandfather before that -- but evidently over the years the end of the yardstick had worn away. The shopowner made good on the lady's material, and immediately replaced that old yardstick.

Now, he unknowingly had been short-changing people on material, and perhaps his father before him -- so what would he do now? Leave that old yardstick right there? And continue to use a shortened yardstick?

No. Of course not. Because he's discovered the truth of that yardstick.

That's the way it is with the Word of God. We must not condemn our parents becaused they lived up to all the ilght they knew -- but we must not be content to "stay" where they were when we discover the complete truth of the Word of God for ourselves.

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