A Little Story About Tradition

One day long ago, before the first world war, a young russian Czar was out walking through the palace garden, and he noticed a lone guard standing in a barren field.

When asked, the sentry had no idea to WHY a guard was required to stand out here among this thorny brier patch.

The yong Czat looked up the records, and found that Catherine the Great had once had acres and acres of rose gardens in this area, and on that particular spot a choice beautiful rose bush had once grown.

Peasants were permitted to come in and view the rose bushes, and she had ordered a sentry to stand guard over that special bush.

...but the order was never rescinded. The rose garden had long since disappeared, and now the man was left there standing guard over a patch of weeds.

Yes, we can smile at this, but could it be that perhaps some of us are "standing guard" ceremously, earnestly, and sincerely over some things that are not sacred at all? Could it be that some are still holding sincerely onto things that are NOT in the Word of God?

It's extremely wrong to depend upon the past without checking for ourselves. Just because "mom and dad believed it," that doesn't mean it's "right" -- "the path of the just is a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day..."

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