Isn't The Weird Going To Church On A Saturday

Some of you may consider it a "strange" thing to do, going to Church on Saturdays -- in Hosea's day the people prompted this comment from the Lord: "I have written to him the great things of my Law, but they were counted as a strange thing." ( Hosea 8:12 )

...and there's a good chance that many of today's people will respond in the same way if you sould decide to being to keep the great and Holy Sababth of God's Law. Bust just remember this, you're in excellent company. Moses kept the Sabbath, and did Abraham, and Daniel, and David, and Isaiah, and Ezekiel, and Elijah, plus ALL the disciples, John, Mark, Luke, Matthew, etc.. All the Holy Men of the Bible Kept the Sabbath...

That puts you in Real Good Company... A "strange" thing to do? Hardly. ..for someone outside of God's Law, perhaps it would appear this way. The only strange thing going on here in our world is that so many good Christians ignore the Lord's HOly Sabbath, and instead they opt for that Other day of the week... the day of the week that should clearly be called "The Catholic Day Of The Week."

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