The Conclusion: We Are The Main Event Of The Galaxy For All To Observe

All the other inhabited worlds have observed the birth of our world, the creation of Adam and Eve, their fall, the first murder of one human being by another, Cain, and the continued deterioration of an entire planet into Sin... ...and the entire universe beheld the crucifixion of the Son of God, His ultimate sacrifice for mankind.

See, I Corinthians 4:9 says that "we are a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men..." and that means ALL men, etc., in the entire Galaxy! The vast inhabited universe has bided its time to "watch," and patiently observe...

When Lucifer caused fully a third of the angels in heaven to rebel, they challenged the necessity of God's Laws, and accordingly, the patiently watching universe, and the unfallen two thirds of the angels, have wondered if perhaps Lucifer was "right"... so the Earth has been the "example" the stange upon which sin has been able to come to full manifestation!

The enitre universe has seen that Lucifer was a liar, and has seen the consequences of "sin." ... and the universe has seen the Papacy tortue, coerce, and boast that they have the "right" to tamper with God's Holy and Eternal commandments.

See, if God were to step in and fix all the boo-boo's sin has caused, then it would tamper with the final results. As Christans we are taken special care of by God, and are given the tools to make it through while sin and destruction fall around us. We as Christians are not without faith, hope, and love... the strongest tools of God.

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