Evolution: Astronomically Improbable

Ok. Where does that leave us? Most likely between a rock and a hard place. We have a flurshing planet in a strikingly astounding clock-like universe relishing with plentiful and diverse life. Darwin's theory is as virtually impossible as much as the first thought: some being out there created all this.

Luckily, we're open minded and accept the possibility, no matter how slim, that it is possible something we don't see, could exist, something that we have no way of scientifically measuring. Let's give a shot at the God theory and see how much water that will hold.

If you believe in dinasours, you have to ask yourself have you ever seen a live one in person? The answer has to be no; we haven't seen a real dinasour, but we've seen artist conceptions of them. ..and artists conception; made up of what? Portions of skeletonal remains. Have you ever examined those remains, are you sure they are truely bones? Elaborate hoaxes have been pulled before. Perhaps you've actually seen fossils, real fossils... give that to a good artist and they can recreate it. But wait, let's not get too wild on some half-thought consipracy. The existance of dinasours is very reasonable; but look at what you had for proof to convince you: the word of other people and a few rock-like fossils. Most of the convincing was done based on what information people fed you, rather than what you researched for yourself.

Now what if you find multiple witnesses, who put everything in writing, and their accounts are backed up even to present day with proof you can get your hands on? It would seem more reasonable to trust that. So in the interest of scientific-study, let's keep an open mind in exploring this new area. For the most part, people have rejected God based on the same reasons: what other people have told them; largely of which was inaccurate information. We should be able to figure things out for ourselves and not rely on someone in authority to dictate what we should or shouldn't bellieve.

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