Exploring Other Alternatives

Fine. We've stated that Darwin's theory is really, really, really weak at best when carefully examined. But to assume the existance of a God that we can't see, touch, or interact with? That's a little steep.

Luckily, we have something interesting at our disposal. The Bible.

Now we can't just opened it and see "God created man" and go "Oh, okay." That just won't do in my book. I need convicing, and a good working knowledge, including background. There also has to be some purpose in all this, life just happening by the sake of an accident with no purpose seems like too cruel a joke.

What facts do we have to go on that the Bible is telling us the truth? Where did it come from? Did God write it? What does it mean to be inspired? Is there any evidence that we can check to tell if this thing is even accurate? What about the descrepencies? What about the missing books of the Bible? Are the errors in it? Are such errors doctrinal or textual?

We gave plenty of time to Darwin's theory which was based on good assumptions, guess work, and lots of random chance in our favor. If the Bible proves to be just the same, we can take our pick. However, if the Bible proves to be more than that, then it is more probable that the God theory is true than the evolution theory.

Where to start?

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