God lead Moses and his people to the edge of Canaan, but most men who were sent to spy out the land returned and murmured against God's promise. And God said to Moses... You shall all wander in the wilderness forty years... after the number of days in which you searched the land: Forty days. Each day for a year. [NUM 14:34]

The Lord appointed Ezekiel the priest to be a watchman for the house of Iseral, and to give them a warning... Lie upon your left side 390 days, for I have laid upon you the years of Iseral's iniquity. Completing these, lie upon your right side forty days to bear the iniquity of the house of Judah. I have laid upon you a day for each year... [EZE 4:6]

So making sure that these communiques were faithfully recorded and "on file," the Lord proceeded to inform both Daniel and John upon Patmos of extremely important prophecies that incorporated periods of "days."

If the "days" were to be taken as literal days, these prophecies would be meaningless. But when seen as being "a day for a year," the prophecies can be properly interpreted.

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