538 A.D. TO 1798 A.D.

A period of only 1260 literal days, only 3 1/2 years, falls absurdly short of fulfilling the requirements of the 1260-day prophecies in regard to the Papacy. But when, by the year-day principle is extended to 1260 years, the prophecy meets a unique fulfillment.

In 538 A.D. the Ostragoths abandoned their siege of Rome -- and this left the Bishop of Rome to excercise the perogatives of Justinian's decree of 533 A.D. the power and the authority of the Papacy grew, and grew, and grew.

Exactly 1260 years later the Papcy suffered its "deathblow."

The spectacular victories of the armies of Napoleon in Italy placed the Pope at the mercy of the French Revolutionary Government, which now advised that the Roman Religion would always be a persistant enemy of the Republic.

The government urged Napoleon to destroy the center of unity of the Roman church, and Napoleon did just that.

In 1798 the French general Berthier, with a French army, marched into Rome and proclaimed the political rule of the Papcy at an end and took the Pope prisoner. The Pope was removed to France where he died in exile.

The 1260 year rule of the Papacy was finished.

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