The chosen twelve gathered together with their master on the eve of His arrest and capture -- Only once did Jesus say, "this is My body," and broke the bread and bade His followers to eat. Only once did he say, "this is My blood," and then bade then drink. Yet through the centuries there have been millions of people who have listened, followed, and obeyed in what He said and did only once on that long-ago evening.

Now -- imagine the power and vitality that would be behind something that our Lord Jesus Christ may have done hundreds and hundreds of times. And yes, there was something Jesus did and participated in 1700 times.

And if "actions speak louder than words," whatever Jesus did 1700 times must be tremendously important. Well, it was.

In 33 years, as a child and as an adult, Jesus and His family and His community observed the Weekly Sabbath Day that ran from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, and that means Jesus observed the Sabbath Day of the Lord at least 1700 times. [ LUK 4:16 ]

Once Once did Jesus tell us how we should pray to our Father up in heaven, yet 1700 times He observed the Sabbath. It wasn't an issue. Only once did our Lord ride triumphantly into Jersalem upon the back of a donkey, but on 1700 occasions He entered into acceptance and observation of the holy weekly Sabbath.

Even after He was crucified, He "rested" on the Saturday Sabbath Day in the grave, then went "back to work" on Sunday morn.

Only once was He placed upon a cross, and the whole world tells and retells the importance of that performance, the act of love and sacrifice, yet most of our modern Christian world ignoreds the Sabbath and the 1700 times our Lord celebrated the Saturday Sabbath.

So -- we live in a world that goes to worship on Sunday, yet God clearly declared the seventh day of the week as His holy day for us. How and Why was it changed?

Jesus said, "Think not that I am come to destroy the Law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill." [MAT 5:17]

Jesus never spoke to change the Sabbath day. He criticized how the Jewish people had made a burden of it, but He never said, "Change it to Sunday."

Absolutely nowhere in the Bible does it say to replace Saturday with the old Pagan day of Sun Worship, Sunday. Nowhere.

This is why Daniel was told that "all these things shall be sealed up until the Time Of The End." Because we needed to reach a point where we could get a CLEAR VIEW OF HISTORY -- the key to understanding the prophecies is seeing WHO did WHAT and WHEN, in regard to the handling of God's Word and God's Truth to man.

Okay, we've been pegging down this Sabbath thing left and right. Why make such a big deal of fuss over it? Because we are trying to really show that Sabbath was 1) important, 2) continued after the crucification, and 3) that the Bible didn't authorize the change. We're going to examine the historical reasons and see how they tie in with that prophecy we've been looking at.

History clearly shows who changed the Sabbath.

In Daniel 7:25 an angel tells us that this "person," this world power, shall "speak great words against the Most High," and "persecute the saints of the Most High," and that this power "SHALL THINK TO CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS."

It was no easy trick, but this persecuting power finally had its way on the world stage. To them it meant nothing that Christ observed 1700 Sabbaths.

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