Before it was mentioned that around in 1970 there was some problem regarding the use of finances. "For the love of money is the root of many kinds of evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." [ 1 TIM 10:6 ] ( not money is the root of all evil). It would seem the more political something gets, the more chance there is for finicial corruption. Keep in mind the separation between doctrine/belief and politics. The problem from twenty years ago had faded. Don't let a handful of people spoil your impression of a group in whole. Racism and prejudices start this way.

It is only fitting to quickly examine some projects that Adventists have undertaken (these are all dated from January 1st, 1988):

o Adventists run 51 publishing houses o Established themselves in 183 of the world's 215 nations ( Adventists are in more countries than any other American Christian church ) o Adventists run the 2nd largest system of Christian schools in the world, having 4,460 elementary schools, and 86 universities and colleges, and 834 secondary schools. o Adventists operate 150 hospitals, 337 clinics and dispensaries o Adventists operate 66 nursing homes and retirement centers o Adventists run 51 schools of nursing

.. to do this thay make use of 644 languages and dialects

How many are Adventists are there? In 1863 there were 3,500 In 1955 there were 1,000,000 In 1970 there were 2,000,000 In 1978 there were 3,000,000 In 1983 there were 4,000,000 In 1988 there were 5,330,755

...the church grows by about 1,200 people per day of people seeking the truth.

...for over 100 years they have spoken out against the health hazzards of smoking, alcohol, and unclean foods, primarly eating, but not limited to, a vegaterian diet.

As for hospitals run by Adventists which stay open all week, is this right? Shouldn't they shut down on the Sabbath? Or does Christ's example mandate that Christian hospitals should stay open for seven days without providing any Sabbath rest for their staff? Realizing the needs of hospital personnel, White said, "The Saviour has shown us by His example that it is right to relieve suffering on this day; but physicians and nurses should do no unnecessary work. Ordinary treatment, and operations that can wait, should be deferred till the next day. Let the patients know that physicians must have one day for rest." ( Medical Ministry, p. 214 ) The fees for these medical services on the Sabbath are to be put aside for charity work. White wrote, "It may be necessary to devote even the hours of the holy Sabbath to the relief of suffering humanity. But the fee for such labour should be put into the treasury of the Lord, to be used for the worthy poor, who need medical skill but cannot afford to pay for it." (ibid., p. 216)