Was The Weekly Sabbath Day Ever Intended For Only The Jewish People?

No! First is was never called "the Jewish Sabbath Day." It was always called "The Sabbath of the Lord Thy God."

Jesus said The Sabbath Was Made For man (Mark 2:27), that is, for the Race, as the word "man" here is unlimited -- hence, the Sabbath is for the Gentile as well as the Jew!

Remember: The Sabbath was created 2,000 years BEFORE the Jews existed!

The Bible also says that "woman" was made for man (I COR 11:9) -- So: if the Sabbath is "only for the Jews" then marriage would only be for the Jews as well... Marriage and the Sabbath are two holy institutions which God set up in Eden BEFORE sin came into existance -- both were made for all mankind.

God even pronounced a special blessing upon all the Gentiles who kept the Sabbath! And He said that "all people" (get this ALL PEOPLE) would be welcomed within his house of prayer! (Isaia 56:6-7)

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