Men Altering The Ten Commandments? Unheard of... yet it's happened!

Does it make sense that MEN can come along and ALTER God's Ten Commandments? The Lord Himself blessed and sactified the Seventh Day, yet modern Christians IGNORE SATURDAY and workship on SUNDAY instead!

Let's put it this way: Suppose your doctor officially told you that he'd see you each Monday for the rest of your life -- would you think it was right to change the appointment on your own accord merely because it was "convenient" with you, without ever receiving your doctor's approval? ...would this work? Not.

Or this: say your Birthday is on Jan 7th, but you insisted on celebrating it on Jan 1st. Have you succeeded in actually changing your birth day just because you opt to celebrate it on another day? ..ofcourse not.

Same thing with the Sababth -- there are literally millions of Christians who THINK that the Sabbath has been legitimately changed from Saturday to Sunday. ..but has it really?

The Bible is 66 a collection of 66 separate writings, 66 separate books, and from begining to end ... Genesis to Revelation ... the holy scriptures speak C O N S T A N T L Y of the imporantance of God's Holy Sabbath.

Everytime we rest upon the Seventh day, as god did in Creation, we commemorate that grand event.

The Seventh-Day Sabbath was commanded by the -voice- of the Living God. (Deu 4:12-13)

It is the SIGN of the -True God-, by which we are to know him from FALSE God's. "I am the Lord Your God; Walk in my statutes, and keep my judgements, and do them; and hallow my Sabbaths, and they shall be a sign between ME and YOU, that ye may know I am the Lord Your God." (Eze 20:19-20)

Instead of abolishing the Sabbath, Jesus carefully taught how it should be observed! (Matt 12:1-13)

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