The Search For Truth

The Bible says that "God is not the Author of Confusion" (I Cor 14:33), yet how is it that there can be over 200 different denominations when all of these churches claim only one source for "truth," the Bible?

A question: WHY do people go to the church that they go to?

...are these good reasons? The Bible says in I Peter 3:15 that WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO GIVE A SANCTIFIED REASON FOR THE HOPE THAT IS WITHIN US, because of WHAT WE BELIEVE IN... and JESUS said in John 17:17 to "Sanctify them throughly thy truth, thy Word is truth!"

Truth, sanctifying truth, is revealed through the Word of God, the Bible. So therefore we can conclude that out beliefs, the reason for the hope within us, should be based upon God's Word. And finally, when we "belong" to a church, ( and we end up "endorsing" the teachings of that church ), We Should Endeavor To Seek And Find That Church Which Is Uncompromisingly Teaching and Practicing Bible Truth." -------- ----------

Remember that text in Proverbs 4:18? "But the path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day."

Remember, the reformers came out of the dark ages! Would you expect that ALL truth would be immediately rediscovered? Should people say, "If Luther didn't believe it, I won't either"?

Many people stand guard over what our forefathers taught -- "If my parents believed it, it's good enough for me." Without ever realizing that in those days some truths were still undiscovered... still burried under centuries of tradition.

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